If You Need Professional Bat Help

Company list updated for year 2023 - Before you hire any company to solve your bat problem, do your research! It can save you money, and more importantly, ensure that the job is done correctly. I would ask the following questions:

Describe your bat removal process.
The company should answer that they thoroughly inspect your whole house, including inside the attic (important), and then perform a live exclusion (the bats fly out of one-way netting or funnels), and seal up 100% of the entry holes.

Do you provide attic cleanup?
The answer should preferably be yes, or the ability to refer a company that can do cleanup. If doing cleanup, the company should provide before and after photos in your attic.

Do you guarantee your work?
The company should offer a written guarantee against any bats re-entering the building for a time span, maybe 1 year, maybe more. They should honor this guarantee.

Things to look out for:
NEVER hire a company that uses poisons or pesticides for bat control. In fact, if you hear that, email me or report that company to your state's wildlife commission or the Environmental Protection Agency. Seriously! Also, NEVER hire a company that is willing to perform a bat exclusion during the summer months. Same thing - contact authorities. Companies can do inspections and start pre-sealing during the summer, but never do the exclusion then.

In general, you want a guy who has bat removal experience, who sounds nice and professional, who is properly licensed and insured. No company will be able to tell you a final price over the phone, because like auto repair, each job is very different. Some can give some sort of ballpark, but really, an inspection is necessary. Some companies offer free inspections, some don't.

I have spent 8 years compiling a list of professional companies that I like. Click your city below. You can and should do your own research of course, but these are my picks for year 2023.

Please don't hold a bat like I am doing in the above photo, you will likely injure it. I have a very good reason for doing so. To learn more about me, the author of this website, at my about me page. If you want to do more research first before hiring a pro, go back to my main bats in the attic home page.