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Not all wildlife removal companies are the same. Some have experience with bat removal projects, and are familiar with the proper methods for bat exclusion. But others use incorrect techniques, such as bat traps, summer exclusions, or worse, fumigants. Do your research before you hire someone! I personally recommend our field technician for bat control in San Antonio.

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I have communicated with our bat expert in San Antonio for many years, and he abides by these bat removal principles:

  • Always perform a proper live exclusion.
  • Never use poisons or fumigants or kill bats.
  • Never use traps or attempt to relocate bats.
  • Never do a removal during the maternity season.
  • Seal all entry points shut with guarantee.
  • Offer attic cleanup and decontamination.
  • Properly Texas licensed and insured.
As I discuss repeatedly on this website, bat removal projects are not easy, and not for amateurs. I have seen many horrible attempts at bat colony removal throughout the years, done both by do-it-yourself homeowners and by incompetent companies. Never hire a San Antonio pest control company that uses poisons for rodent or insect control. They often attempt the same approach for bats. Not only is this incredibly destructive and illegal in Texas, but it results in disaster for the homeowner, and does not actually solve the problem. It's very important that the removal of bats from the attic of your home is done in the correct manner, and there is only one correct way, with a live bat exclusion. To read more about this process, read my bats in the attic home page.

Before you hire anyone, including our tech at 210-672-4385, talk to them, and make sure that they understand what they are doing, and that they have experience. Be sure that they do abide by the principles I outlined above. This is not just for the sake of the bats - I'm no tree hugger - it's for the sake of doing the job correctly, for you and your property. The fact that it's good for the bats as well is a lucky coincidence. And really, bats are good animals, which I'm sure you realize. I hope you have a good experience with your San Antonio bat control project. You can email me personally if you have any problems with our tech, and I will talk to him, but I doubt that will be necessary. Good luck!

San Antonio wildlife control company bat reader email:

Hi, I found your website to be very helpful but I'm experiencing a very specific problem and I'm wondering if your expertise can help me. My husband spotted a bat flying in our basement on Friday morning at 6am. Animal Control came to the house but could not locate the bat. We have a drop ceiling with a lot of hiding spots. We were told to wait until it flew again, watch where in the ceiling it landed, then call back. We observed the bat again at 9pm and Animal Control was again unsuccessful. It was assumed that the bat was probably hiding in the wall that separates the finished and unfinished part of the basement. We have not seen the bat for 3 days now despite our use of a well placed baby video monitor. We also hear no clicking or scratching noises. Is it possible the bat escaped? Might it have died? How long should we wait before we can safely resume the use of our basement? It is currently blocked off with a towel under the door and we've been keeping our toddlers and two cats out. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks, Julie

Hi David, I am writing you because I found your website and we have a bat problem. We have a 70-year-old cabin on Lake Huron in Oscoda, Michigan. It has had bat problems, sometimes more extensive and sometimes less, over many years. Last year we decided to do something about the problem and hired a guy out of Alpena (not listed in your list, but registered and licensed and who promised a guarantee) and it didn't seem to work. He came at night, watched for openings and sealed them up. We still had bats, so asked him to return. I think he returned several times, always sealing up more holes. This was two summers ago. Then for one summer, we didn't have bats. Now this past summer (and just recently) we had them again. We think they are living inside the walls. Probably there is a lot of guano in there (which is kind of disgusting), but we never see much guano, just a few little turds here and there on our fireplace mantel. Do you have any advice? We are getting to the point where some members of the family don't want to even use the cabin and it is a wonderful family place on Lake Huron. That is sad. Thank you, Margery

Sounds like your bat guy didn't do the job right! Call him back out and make him finish the job! The only way to solve a bat problem is to seal up all their entry holes permanently. They can't chew, so any waterproof sealant will do. Before you seal ALL the holes though, you've got to exclude them via one-way removal netting. Attic disinfection isn't really that important, unless there's a HUGE amount of bat guano that has been there a long time.

Hi David, Thank you for responding. Yeah, the bat guy is a big talker and not so much of a doer. I am afraid our guarantee time has run out. I don't think he would come back to do the job again. Here's the problem, however, it's a log cabin and it's 70 years old. Do you think the bats are migrating in the winter and then coming back to our cabin in the spring? I am under the impression that some bats migrate and some hibernate.

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For bat removal in San Antonio, call us at 210-672-4385. We can remove bats in attics throughout Bexar County and even the state of Texas, but we mostly operate in the greater San Antonio area, as the recognized best bat control company in the area.