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Shreveport Bat Removal

Not all wildlife removal companies are the same. Some have experience with bat removal projects, and are familiar with the proper methods for bat exclusion. But others use incorrect techniques, such as bat traps, summer exclusions, or worse, fumigants. Do your research before you hire someone!

I personally recommend Wildlife Abatement for bat control in Shreveport. I have communicated with this company for many years, and they abide by these bat removal principles:

- Always perform a proper live exclusion.
- Never use poisons or fumigants or kill bats.
- Never use traps or attempt to relocate bats.
- Never do a removal during the maternity season.
- Seal all entry points shut with guarantee.
- Offer attic cleanup and decontamination.
- Properly Louisiana licensed and insured.

Call Wildlife Abatement at 318-553-3006

As I discuss repeatedly on this website, bat removal projects are not easy, and not for amateurs. I have seen many horrible attempts at bat colony removal throughout the years, done both by do-it-yourself homeowners and by incompetent companies. Never hire a Shreveport pest control company that uses poisons for rodent or insect control. They often attempt the same approach for bats. Not only is this incredibly destructive and illegal in Louisiana, but it results in disaster for the homeowner, and does not actually solve the problem. It's very important that the removal of bats from the attic of your home is done in the correct manner, and there is only one correct way, with a live bat exclusion. To read more about this process, read my bats in the attic home page.

Before you hire anyone, including Wildlife Abatement, talk to them, and make sure that they understand what they are doing, and that they have experience. Be sure that they do abide by the principles I outlined above. This is not just for the sake of the bats - I'm no tree hugger - it's for the sake of doing the job correctly, for you and your property. The fact that it's good for the bats as well is a lucky coincidence. And really, bats are good animals, which I'm sure you realize. I hope you have a good experience with your Shreveport bat control project, and with Wildlife Abatement. You can email me personally if you have any problems with this company, and I will talk to them, but I doubt that will be necessary. Good luck!

Shreveport wildlife control company bat reader email:

I'm writing because I live in a town house in Shreveport LA. There is a bat problem here and I'm wondering if you might be able to help. The townhouses here are all 4plexes and I believe the bats are living under the roofing material that extends down the sides of the buildings. I'm sure there are gaps and spaces for the bats to crawl into during the day. When we go outside at night they are swooping everywhere and I've even had one in my bathroom upstairs! Two weeks ago I found a dead one on my patio. I'm OVER IT! Please advise if you can get rid of them and how much do you charge?

Hello David - and thanks for all the useful info on bats on your website. I had a bat flapping in a room on the 2nd floor in my home last night. I’m in an older home and I noticed a little extra opening around a large pipe going through the ceiling in that room – which I’m assuming is where it could have entered. Will a bat remember his entry point and therefore exit at that same point out of the room? The next day I was on the first floor and it flapped overhead and headed into another room – it got trapped between two windows so I want to raise the lower to let it fly out. BUT – my wife is afraid that this winged critter will keep entering back into our home….for whatever reason he got into our home the first time…? Is she right?

My response: The bat will not remember how it got in. It is safe to open the windows - bats never fly into houses. They crawl down from the attic or walls, and get inside a room.

Thanks David for your reply. Do bats typically wander into house living areas because of curiosities (light, food smells, etc)…or are they just disoriented? I was wondering if they leave trail scents so they can continue to follow it for more visits into the house living areas.

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For bat removal in Shreveport, call Wildlife Abatement at 318-553-3006. They can remove bats in attics throughout Louisiana, but they mostly operate in the greater Shreveport area, as the recognized best bat control company in the area.

Please be kind to bats! They are valuable animals, not aggressive, and they are vulnerable!
If you have any questions about bats in attics, just email me at david@batsintheattic.org