What if you are bitten by a bat?

There are many wild animals that if you were bitten by them that you should become seriously concerned. Even a wild dog can carry such things as rabies, which can be very dangerous, even life-threatening to you if you are bitten by one of these animals.

While raccoons, squirrels, and possums all pose risks to your health, there may be no more dangerous of an animal than the bat. Bats are the carriers of many pathogens and parasites that pose a huge risk to you, your family, and your pets. One of the most dangerous parts about the bat is that they release a lot of these parasites in the waste that they produce. When that feces dries, it breaks apart, carrying the parasites with it. You can get this in you simply by breathing it in, and this can cause you severe issues.

Stepping in the feces poses the same kinds of issues. The parasites will attach themselves to your skin and can burrow their way into your bloodstream, where they set up in your digestive tract or even in your heart. This can cause all kinds of issues and eventually even lead to death.

What If a Bat Bites You

It is clear that there are many of ways that you can become ill from a bat, so being bitten by a bat is incredibly dangerous as well. In fact, it may be the most dangerous.

While many pathogens and bacteria will survive in the feces of the bat, waiting for a new host to come along, some will not. This will mean that they will die off and pose no threat to you.

However, inside the bat they are all thriving and ready to cause damage to any new host that they find themselves in. This means that if a bite bites you, through its saliva or blood it can pass the pathogens, parasites, and other dangerous elements directly into your skin, where it will get into your bloodstream ready to infect you. This means that you can quickly become sick.

You should be aware that if a bat bites you then you are almost always likely to get some kind of ailment from the creature. There are very few instances where a person has been bitten and did not suffer some kind of ailment as a result, so infection of some kind is a very likely eventuality.

What to Do if You Are Bit

Knowing what you know now, you should be quite aware that being bitten by a bat is incredibly dangerous. Many carry rabies, which can be life-threatening if not treated right away. What you may wonder now if what you should do if you are bitten by a bat?

It begins with getting some help as soon as possible. In all honesty, and not to sound overly dramatic in anyway, being bitten by a bat is very dangerous to you and so you need to be treated right away. If you are bitten, the very first thing you should do is report to an emergency room for treatment.

If you are out in the wilderness seek medical assistance at the nearest park ranger station or have some on go for help right away. As an example, people have about 24 hours if they contract rabies, which means that if you are not at a hospital and given the first shot within that time then you will not make it. That is just the truth.

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