How to get bats out of a wall

One of the most difficult animals to get out of your wall is the bat. Because these animals can fly and are quite small for the most part, they make it very difficult to be able to limit their mobility within the walls of your home.

However, you want to do all that you can to try to get these creatures out of the walls of your home. Not only are they quite noisy, flapping around to move, but they also pose a serious health risk to you and your family. Bats carry a large number of pathogens and parasites that can make you and your family sick. Many of these are left in the feces of these animals which are being captured in your walls as long as the bats are living there. They clearly have to go.

How to Get Rid of Bats in the Walls

The question becomes how can you get rid of these creatures? Surprisingly, you may find that the task ahead of you is a little simpler than you first realized. With a little ingenuity you can get these creatures out of the walls of your home so that you can read at your property of them for good.

Where it begins is by finding the location of where they are getting into your wall. You will need to do a thorough inspection of the outside so that you can determine what their entry point is. If you find one don’t stop looking! There can be more than one location where they are gaining access and if you simply close off the one they can still get in.

If you have found that there is more than one place than close up all but one of the holes that you found. Make sure you use caulk and put steel wool and it to stop them from digging back into it.

Your next task is to figure out exactly where they are in the walls of your home. This is a lot more daunting of a task because there could potentially be several locations depending upon how the walls in your home are built. However, the likelihood is that their location is near where you have found entryways into your house.

As it is getting dark outside keep as quiet as possible and listen to the noises they are making so you know where they are located at. You should hear some flapping and scratching noises that should give their location away.

Once you have located this, and you are sure that this is the only location, the next step is to get them to go away. On the entryway that you have left open place a one-way exclusion funnel. What this device does is allow the bats to get out of your home not to get back in.

The traditional wisdom at this would be to create some kind of disturbance that would cause the bats to flee from your home. The truth is that this is not necessary at all. If you simply use the one-way exclusion funnel as a means to keep them from getting back in, then you really don’t need to do anything else at all. They will do the work for you.

At some point, every one of these bats is going to leave. Whether it is to go for food or some other kind of necessity, they are all going to leave. As long as you keep up that funnel they will never be able to get back in. When you are sure that all of them are out of your home, you simply seal that entryway in your problem is resolved. NEED LOCAL HELP? We have wildlife removal professionals servicing 95% of the USA. Click here to hire a local bat removal expert in your home town. Updated 2018. It's best to be educated on the subject, so browse this site and especially read the bats in the attic home page, or email me if you have any more questions about How to get bats out of a wall

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