Will homeowners insurance pay for bat damage?

There are a lot of events that can happen in your life that can pose challenges for you. With the exception of a spouse or child dying, none of these challenges that you will face will likely be more difficult to overcome then things related to your home. Whether you are talking about a sudden storm, fire, or some other kind of damage that causes your house to suffer some kind of catastrophic issue, these kinds of things can be long-lasting in terms of the way they impact you.

One of those kinds of events that can be difficult to overcome is when an animal or animals have made their way into your attic or walls and made a home of your house. Because of the health risks that they pose and the destructive and messy way in which they live, they can turn your dream home into a house of horrors in no time at all.

One animal in particular who can really do a number on your home is the bat. These little flying rodents are quite disgusting in many ways. Not only do they carry a large number of illnesses and parasites with them, but they hang from whatever place they have made into their home while they sleep, dropping their waste below. This makes a huge mess, and poses a gigantic health risk for you and your family.

Will insurance help me out here?

If you have bats in your home then you need to do what you can to immediately remove them from your attic, walls, or other location they may be residing in and do it quickly. These animals pose a very serious health risk to you and your family, one that you cannot easily afford to shrug off.

The problem is that once you remove these creatures from your home your problem is not completely resolved. Even if you have one bat in your home, this little creature can leave quite a mess. If you have several of them, which often happens because bats like to live in large colonies, then you know you are going to have a real issue to try to fix.

Not only do you need to clean up the waste that they have left on your floor or inside your walls, but you may have to replace insulation, thoroughly clean areas to remove out any pathogens that are present, and you may even be required to remove and replace boards in your home. This can be quite costly.

The question for many homeowners then becomes if their insurance will help them pay for this? That’s a really good question. The truth of the matter is that many insurance companies would not consider this to be an issue that would be covered under your homeowner’s insurance. That’s not true of them all. If you live in areas where bats are known to reside then there is a better chance of there being coverage to help pay for any issues you have with your home. This includes cleaning up bat excrement and sterilizing your home to remove potential health risks.

If you are concerned about this being an issue in your home, then it makes sense to check your homeowner’s policy or to speak with your insurance representative to see if you are covered. The last thing you want is to be caught off guard when you do have an issue, meaning you’re the one who is completely footing the bill for the cleanup. Spend a few moments and be a little proactive in this situation. You will be glad you took these extra precautions for sure. NEED LOCAL HELP? We have wildlife removal professionals servicing 95% of the USA. Click here to hire a local bat removal expert in your home town. Updated 2018. It's best to be educated on the subject, so browse this site and especially read the bats in the attic home page, or email me if you have any more questions about Will homeowners insurance pay for bat damage?

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